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The Secret to Owning Multiple Dogs and Maintaining Your Sanity

Dogs. We love them. They are crazy and fun, even when they are zooming balls of chaos. And I'm sure many of you have seen this meme that's popped up over the past few months:

So how DO you have a multi-dog household without losing your mind? Keep reading for me 3 biggest secrets on successfully having more than one dog in your home:

Secret #1: Training

Training is everything when you have multiple dogs. If none of your dogs listen to you, good luck getting them to listen to you at the same time without always holding a treat. On top of not listening, dogs living in the same household pick up bad habits from each other very quickly (i.e. barking, being territorial, excitement around guests, etc.). Even teaching your digs basic training can make all the difference in your home -- taking it from crazy and chaotic to quiet and calm.

Secret #2: Management

Management is a HUGE part of having multiple dogs in your home. While it is true that some dogs enjoy sleeping together and eating together, most dogs enjoy having some alone time. This is why it is important for each dog to have their own space; whether it is a bed, crate, or room, they each need somewhere they can relax and get away from he chaos if they need to. Crate training (or confining training in general) is an important part of management. It allows dogs to earn freedom as they learn and respect boundaries and rules of the household. If you let all your dogs run wild in the home from day 1, I can guarantee they will have no sense of boundaries or respect for both you and your home.

Secret #3: Individual Bonding Time with Each Dog

Having multiple dogs in the home can sometimes lead to jealousy or extreme attention-seeking behavior from one dog. It is important that you take time to spend with each dog individually. Take them on separate walks, hikes, or adventures and spend some 1-on-1 time with them. This will not only build your individual bond with them, but will also help ensure you are giving all your pups the same amount of love.

Miami Dog Training
Miami Dog Training

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