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How to Keep Cool with Your Pup This Summer

Summer is in full swing. Not only does that mean warmer weather and beach days, but it can also be a dangerous time for your pup! Dogs can overheat very easily, so it is super important to find ways to keep them as cool as possible in the summer heat so they can still enjoy outdoor activities. Keep reading for some of my personal hacks on how to keep your dog cool this summer:

1. Invest in a Cooling Vest

Cooling vests are some of the best ways to keep your dog cool during non water-related

activities like hiking, running, or taking walks around your neighborhood or local park. One of my favorite cooling vests is the Ice Vest from Go Fresh Pets. It stays COLD for around 30-45 minutes, after which time you just reapply water to the vest and it gets ice cold again!

2. Teach Your Dog How to Swim

This seems stupid, right? Don't dogs already know how to swim? Wrong! Not all dogs are built for swimming, and even some dogs that instinctually know how to swim aren't confident enough in water to actually swim or jump in the pool. Invest in a life jacket for your dog to help them feel more comfortable in the water, and also to allow them to swim for longer periods of time! Take them out for a boat day or a day at the beach knowing they'll be safe while also keeping them cool! All of my personal dogs have life vests from Outward Hound.

3. Carry an Insulated Water Bottle during Outings

Insulated water bottles allow you to not just carry water for your dogs, but keep that water cool! Nothing beats ice cold water on a hot day, and you can double the cooling effect by applying some cold water on the hairless parts of your dog (armpits, inside of ears, and stomach) to help cool your dog down even more! You can get insulated water bottles from companies like, Kong, Kurgo, and Ruffwear.

4. Use Doggie Boots or Protective Balm

Although doggie boots or protective balm don't keep your dog cool, they can absolutely keep them from getting to hot, so to speak. Outdoor surfaces like sidewalks, parkings lots, and even sand can get extremely hot in the summer heat and can burn your pup's paws quite easily. Invest in some good boots or balm to protect your pup's paws. A good rule of thumb is that if the ground is too hot for you to hold your hand down on it, it is too hot for your dog to be walking on!

5. Make Frozen Doggie Treats

Hot summer weather means getting creative with frozen doggie treat recipes! This can be the ultimate activity if you like being an extremely extra dog pawrent (like me!). Go to your local supermarket and get some popsicle or ice molds. You can use ingredients like plain greek yogurt, coconut water, watermelon, banana, blueberries, peanut butter, and strawberries. Get creative with your combinations and make your pup some yummy frozen treats for those hot summer days!

6. Get Light Up Dog Gear

For dogs who can overheat easily like long-haired breeds or dogs with darker fur, exercise during normal daylights hours may not be an option depending on where you live. Investing in some light-up gear for your dog, like a light up collar or light up harness, can be a great way to safely exercise your dog during early morning late night hours. Whether you are taking your dog for a late night run, or on an early-morning off-leash hike, light-up gear can help ensure your dog is always visible, both to you and anyone else around!

Any gear, products, or companies mentioned are recommended from my personal experience. I have not been paid or sponsored to promote any specific products or companies.

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