Different Kinds of Training Gear and Their Uses

Here is a quick guide to the different types of training equipment, how to identify them, and what they are used for.

Flat Leash & Buckle Collar

This is the classic combo that you think of when you think of a dog being walked. It consists of a cotton, nylon, or other material collar that clips together with a buckle of some sort and a 4-6ft flat leash that can also vary in material.

Martingale Collar

These collars were created for dogs whose head is just as narrow as there neck, allowing normal collars to slip off of them very easily. These also have an advantage not choking a dog when properly fitted. A martingale collar can only tighten up to a certain point, and from their will remain the same size.

Slip Leads

Slip leads are often used in conformation when showing dogs, as well as in training because they are easy to slip on and off the dog. When used correctly, they give the handler a great amount of control without choking the dog.

Frontclip Harness

These harnesses are designed for dogs who have a strong opposition reflex. In simpler terms, they are for dogs who love to pull their owners down the sidewalk using the force of their entire body. These harnesses allow the owner to redirect he dog's chest back towards them when the dog begins to pull, and can be extremely useful when dealing with strong dogs who have poor leash skills.