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Online Coaching

Online coaching is the perfect option for people who can handle training by themselves, but need some guidance. With online coaching, you can work through a training curriculum at your own pace with unlimited support from a professional trainer. During the length of your coaching program, you can schedule up 1 FaceTime or Skype call per week along with unlimited emails, phone calls, and texts to help make sure you stay on track and troubleshoot any roadblocks in the training process. 

Online coaching programs are 100% customized. With your customized program, you will receive:

- Customized Training Plan

- Handouts to help you work through each training exercise

- Unlimited trainer support

- 1 FaceTime/Skype per week of the program

- Email support each week with helpful tips and games to keep training interesting

We offer Online Coaching programs in lengths of:

1 Month 

3 Months 

6 Months 

Program eligibility is based on training goals and problem behaviors. Dogs with severe behavioral problems are not eligible for the 1 month program. 

Working from Home
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