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miami dog trainer


Megan is a University of Miami School of Business Alumni turned dog trainer. She uses relationship-based methods for puppy and dog training!


  Megan is passionate about building a strong, trust-based bond between an owner and his or her dog, and wants both to have fun in the process! She has channeled a life-long love and dedication for animals and turned it into a career. She enjoys sharing that passion with a community of people who value the importance of a good relationship in training. 

meet the pups


Indica was rescued from the local animal shelter when she was just 9 weeks old. One of her feet was in bad shape and it took a month to get her back to perfect health. Now, she is healthy, happy, and conquering new training challenges with me everyday.  


Sativa was found wandering the streets of Tallahassee when she was 12 weeks old. She made her way down to South Florida and found her way to me. She is currently working on obtaining a trick dog title and continuously surprises me with her intelligence and speed when it comes to training. 


Apache came to us all the way from Texas when he was just 10 weeks old. I had been looking for a Border Collie, and through a series of happy events, I ended up with this little cutie. When he grows up, I plan to compete with him in dock diving, agility, and possibly herding events. 

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