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Everyone loves their dog. But not everyone enjoys their dog. 

Are you tired of frustrating interactions with your dog?


Maybe you don't even walk your dog because walking is such a nightmare.

Or maybe you stopped inviting guests over because your dog is just too much when guests are in the house. 

Perhaps you'd love nothing more than to go on a hike with your dog but your dog barks at every single thing that moves. 

Leash pulling. Barking. Jumping. Nipping. Biting. Peeing in the house. 


These are just some of the struggles we help pet owners address.


With our in-home dog training programs, we can help take your dog from four-legged tornado to well-mannered dog in 5 weeks or less

If you have a dog or puppy, and are ready to get started with training, click here
If you have a dog or puppy, but aren't sure what sort of training program is best for you, click here
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